Send emails, receive
signed contracts.

The smartest e-Signature solution
to send and sign documents on the go


How it works!

As simple as sending an email

Send documents to be signed directly from your email client.

  1. Compose a new email.
  2. Attach the document to be signed in a PDF format.
  3. Add “” at the end of the signer's email address.
  4. The recipient will receive an email with the invitation to sign your document

As simple as opening an email

Sign documents directly from your inbox.

  1. Open the email received
  2. Click on the “start signing” button to view the document.
  3. Read the document, and click “Sign”
  4. When you finish the signature process, the sender will automatically receive a copy of the signed document.

Do you have a large volume of documents? Checkout our API


Send and sign documents from your usual email server/account, without having to install or access an external app.

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Control and traceability of the entire process: status of the document, notifications to the signer and storage of the signed contracts.

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The integrity of the document is guaranteed by an official timestamp and the encryption of the information generated in the whole process.

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Documents can be signed from any kind of device (smartphone, tablet or desktop) that has access to the internet and a major web browser.

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Why are we legal?

The Signaturit platform provides legally binding electronic signatures in compliance with the most advanced e-Signature laws, in the European Union, Directive 1999/93/EC, and the United States, E-SIGN act. We assure the integrity of the evidences generated during the signature process while we guarantee the data privacy of the information.

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Why are we secure?

Security is our major concern. We do not take any kind of risk with the data of the documents and the signature process, everything is encrypted. Moreover, the electronic signatures are embedded into the document on every transaction that is done and we do not store your e-Signatures separately.

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